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Anti-Crisis Business Forum in Barcelona
Turn your life around in just 2 days among entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from all over the world, adding to the list of international contacts!
A large-scale Business Forum will be held
in Barcelona (Spain) on May 21,
which will complete the series of conferences and presentations of the EvoScent program in the cities of Spain.
Forum for those who:
  • want to make 2022 the base year in creating a new promising future;
  • seek to create constantly growing sources of income, despite the crisis and economic difficulties;
  • want to know what the EvoScent program is and why it will help you stay afloat in these turbulent times;
  • want to understand how to use EvoScent to create a highly profitable source of income and create the capital that you dream of.
Surround yourself with successful people, and soon you will see your life revitalized!
How to create your own business for a brighter future: a presentation of the EvoScent program and the possibilities of EVSN points.
The latest project news, which can multiply the success of building your business.
The strengths of the EvoScent project and the EvoSchool Perfume Academy, offering fantastic opportunities to preserve and increase your capital in turbulent and uncertain times.
How to form a fixed and a growth mindset, a step-by-step process for changing a fixed mindset.
How to survive in the new economic conditions.
EvoScent's prospects and development plans.
5 important steps that will help you make a breakthrough in life.
Ramon Bejar
Master perfumer, creator of several companies in the perfume industry, author of the "Master Dreams" collection, internationally recognized in perfumery and packaging, enthusiast in the promotion of NEMs, co-founder of EvoScent.
Mary Furs
Perfume expert, founder of "Perfume Academy", co-owner of the brand "Perfume Stylist", responsible for the perfume literacy EvoScent, aroma psychologist, aromatherapist, MLM leader.
José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez
Evorich Top Leaders Council representative, EvoScent project leader, international speaker, Company Leader in Spain, certified trainer of the Master Pro transformation program, speaker and mentor of MKI Pro training, crypto-enthusiast.
Sergi Mateu
Teacher of stage speech in schools in Spain, graduated from the High Drama School in Barcelona, Evorich Partner Program Consultant, CEO and owner of "Scentia lux s.l." in Barcelona (Spain), responsible for public relations of EvoScent Perfume and Cosmetics Trading SLL (Dubai).
Galina Zhukova
EvoScent project manager, head of Evorich corporate webinars, representative of the local Leadership Council in Spain, certified Master-Profi trainer, Evorich Spanish coordinator, international speaker, entrepreneur.
2 guest speakers with the following topics:
  • Blockchain, NFT, digital assets, types of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.
  • New professions in the digital world and in the world of the perfume industry – how they are interconnected.
Maria Alejandra Lombana
Evorich leader in Spain, representative of the local Evorich leaders council in Spain, Evorich office manager in Barcelona, graduate in marketing and international business, MLCI entrepreneur, private investor.
Manuel F Sanchez
Representative of Evorich Top Leaders Council, entrepreneur since 1975, non-conformist, graduate of Master-Profi trainings in Barcelona and Goa, international speaker, follower of NEMI philosophy, Crypto-Defi enthusiast, qualified investor.
It's time to pull together and create your future!
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  • Time:
  • Number of places:
  • Forum languages:
  • Dress code:
  • May 21, Business forum – business style
  • May 21, Gala part – for women: long evening dress, for men: formal suit, tie or bow tie
  • May 22, “Master-Mind” training – Smart casual
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