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A frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • EvoScent Lessons

    Where are my lessons?
    All classes from EvoSchool are recorded for you and saved on getcourse. Everyone studies classes for the BASIC group on their own, without a special invitation. Therefore, you do not receive additional emails. In order to study the recordings of the classes, you need to find the very first letter from Evorich.getcourse again. There is a link to access the class recordings.

    To make it easy for you to find this letter, use the search bar in your e-mail.

    Write in this line Evorich.getcourse. and the system will immediately give you all the letters that are on this topic. You need to choose a letter that begins with the words "Welcome to Evorich". It will contain a link to access the class recordings.

    All trainings are available in the Personal Account, open the messages with congratulations on the purchase, and you will find instructions in the letter!

  • Translation of messages

    If you have an Android phone, google translator is automatically built into telegram.

    Activating it is simple: go to telegram, settings, language, activate the checkbox “Show the Translate button” at the top.

    Further, in the message, click on the text that you do not understand, an additional menu opens and there you click on “Translate” - you will see the already translated text.

    Telegram will automatically translate the message into the language that you have installed in the telegram application. For example, if you have a telegram in Russian, there will be a translation from Spanish into Russian. And if the telegram is in English, there will be a translation from Spanish into English.

    For iPhone owners - before integration from the Telegram side of the translator inside the messenger, use google translator as a separate program.